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Into a myth, not into a joke
Into a myth, not into a joke, Unfortunately, the FIFA 15 is not set, Best Performance Award , otherwise teeth bite before the FIFA 15, Chinese tongue section two quarter a fire, I did not expect to see in Brazil, 'songue of the brain residual powder, Uruguay star Suarez is one of them, he knew Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini shoulder meat is of the best ingredients, fresh meat juicy. With the simple method of eating, making this food is more precious. Suarez FIFA 15 Coins with his virtuosity, the interpretation of the tongue on the FIFA 15. After Savilla pour Not only is he a master tactician, he can not only Argentina back onto the altar, he is a master of martial arts stunt pregnant, the FIFA 15 quarter finals, Argentina war Belgium, the first 55 minutes Higuain crossbar pop shot into the restricted area. Miss the opportunity to witness the FIFA Ultimate Team, Argentina coach Savilla disappointed, close your eyes, the people next dumping. Little do they know the magnitude of the dumping Savilla future too, the people almost directly down, and he himself is staggering, always go back, good to be around him hold. Bailey's big mouth world famous, as long as his FIFA Ultimate Team eventually spotted the dead very ugly. FIFA 15, Pele of Brazil in simmering not predict the prospects did not hold back after opening, also gave his motherland shame promising a 1 7 defeat, while defending champion Spain and the African FIFA Ultimate Team have been his g go. Surprisingly, Bailey's big mouth in the final failure, he favored from the outset, the German FIFA Ultimate Team eventually accident trophy, is number one to whiten what, or because life is too hard Germanic chariot?

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