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when consumed Chocolate Shafi
It s the time of year when the ghosts come out to play and is your chance to go here Treasure Hunter chests open between October 24 01 00 GMT the United Kingdom until November 3 23 59 UK time you have a chance to get your hands on ghostweave foreign fabric.Once you ve collected enough, you can use six new ghostweave Creating fashion brand Ghostly dress uniforms priest Farms ghostly ghostly ghostly Fremennik Fisher outfit outfit outfit ghostly guard Princess ghostly outfitGhostly outfit outfit Farms priest ghostly ghostly Fisher outfit Ghostly Fremennik outfit outfit ghostly ghostly guard Princess outfit When wearing one of these groups, you will be able to to deceive or treat any NPC called man or woman found around Gielinor. You will have much in Lumbridge, Falador, Varrock find, and some of them big fear ghostly towns.Give in your getup, and they give you a choice of seven types of chocolate give. Each room has a unique advantage when consumed Chocolate Shafi for renewed health for 2 minutes chocolate Doctor restores a set amount of health immediately Chocolate Fighter gives you an instant boost in all combat skills chocolate priest immediately restores some items prayers chocolate berserk in angers you, causes RS3 Gold increase your damage for a short period of Chocolate time Porter Use an immediate move any items that are thus immediately collected to the bank you are dealing with chocolate Persia blocks a portion of the incoming short term damage timeYou ll also able to get his hands on ghostweave by doing daily gain skills around Gielinor Any gain XP give you a chance to some of your material drop in inventory.Created all your devices and ghostweave residue Do not worry There is always someone who is interested in cloth chilling 100 ghostweave exchange for chocolate of your choice with a male or female NPC. ghostweave trade with Iffie in Varrock gold coins 1 ghostweave give you 40 gold coins.

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