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Ma Mingyu said that Germany did not play well rival Xu: Fox
Maradona CNS hair Houyu She) BEIJING, July 9, according to foreign reports, Diego Maradona has always been romantic, but recently has therefore trouble. Maradona requested Interpol to arrest his 23-year-old ex-girlfriend, ex-girlfriend is claiming his jewelry to go along when the door. The woman has not yet responded on the matter. Maradona now lives in Dubai, he has consulted with local judges, in order to arrest his girlfriend Olivia baby, she may even be extradited to the Gulf countries for interrogation. Maradona has launched a former girlfriend of legal proceedings, and Manchester United goalkeeper Oliver baby Degea came the sex scandal earlier this year, Maradona then blasted her mansion in Dubai. Maradona accused his girlfriend stole his watch and jewelry, total value of these things more than 250,000 euros. Yesterday, Maradona for Argentina TV host, said: 'I was going to wait three months to see if she still put things back, to see whether it will happen a little change.' 'The result did not change anything, so I signed the International extradition request Interpol. 'Maradona said,' Dubai's legal system is very strict, and according to the severity of the theft, they can make you squat two to five years in prison. 'Maradona to seem not so ruthless , added:. 'not legal I developed, I did not do, just hope I can get a fair' Maradona is Argentina Brazil as a TV show as a guest commentator, he also accused the ex-girlfriend in the program Degea winter training in Dubai and take the fifa 14 coins opportunity to flirt. Reportedly, they privately exchanged contact information of social networks, causing Maradona's jealousy. Maradona and Orly baby on Valentine's Day this year was held in Rome a grand engagement ceremony, but on the second day of the engagement, Maradona took her sent back to Buenos Aires aircraft. Orly baby is not a vegetarian, in order to allow Maradona embarrassed, she threatened Maradona by reality TV show, with Degea to Maradona wearing 'green hat.' But Degea To draw a line, insisting that he did not, and 'Mrs. Maradona' to meet, not even heard of her.

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