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FIFA 18 : We played the Switch version , our impressions
In the aftermath of E3 2017, Nintendo organized a Parisian event in which we participated, allowing us to discover the line-up of the manufacturer. The Switch version of FIFA 18 was well present and this allowed us to feel a bit of the terrain, Joy-Con in hand.

A great surprise

Electronic Arts had announced as a partner to the new Nintendo console. Not surprisingly, FIFA has been named as the first big production on the Switch and will be unloading at the same time as the other versions, next September. Obviously, nobody is expecting wonders and FIFA 18 on Switch looks more like a shy version of sports simulation than a title revolution.


But it is clear that the title surprised us particularly during our first test. So we were able to play against a Nintendo host during a simple friendly match and pitted Bayern against Real Madrid. Quickly, it is hard to say that it is only a grind Switch lightened. The first exchanges are made and the passes are very pleasant. The controls are receptive and we will not lie, we were immediately charmed by the soft and the first sensations were there.

The demo proposed allowed to test the soft on a joystick Pro Controller and with Joy-Con. Unquestionably, the Pad Pro will be the best optimized and with the habit of playing on PS4 / One, we will find ourselves fairly easily. But the Joy-Con aspect is not to be repressed and the gameplay lends itself really well. We can play it without worry and it is really not binding, even if we want to put a little challenge and play it competitive.


Moreover, and this is undoubtedly the capital asset of this version Switch, it is its portable mode. Since FIFA 15 on 3DS and Vita, we have had no FIFA portable and the hybrid aspect of the Switch lends itself really well. But unlike the two consoles we just mentioned, here we really have a full FIFA. That is to say that no functionality is amputated and the mechanics of games are present. As a result, we find ourselves with a fluid and optimized title for small screen, turning in 720p and the visual appearance is not skimped. It changes the pseudo FIFA 13 that we had on Wii U.

Unfortunately, we have no comparison with the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, but there is a good chance that they are similar and to do it with killing surprise use the best Though, at first glance, one could even hope for a version a little above. So we're not going to hide it, technically, it's not crazy. FIFA 18 is amputated from its mode Adventure (The Journey) and its engine Frostbite at the same time. This is undeniably noticeable if one played his predecessor on new generation consoles. Anyway, the demo presented did not allow to see the full potential of the title. It seems just that the public in the stadium is a little empty of animation but the rest is more than respectable. The players are well modeled, the grounds are pleasant to look at and the textures are of very good quality.

On the content side, let's remind that this edition Switch will bring all the classic modes of play, passing by the championship or the mode Fifa Ultimate Team. Only the scripted career will be missing at the call. An exclusive Switch mode is present, namely Switch Kick, which makes it easy to launch a solo or multiplayer match locally.

The online multiplayer will of course be part of the game, and if you do not make your matches on the small screen - though, in bed, it's tempting, the docked mode with a Pro controller could really seduce you. Certainly, regular gamers and unconditional fans of the usual sessions on PS4 / One will undoubtedly find it difficult to be seduced but just for its aspect "I play where I want, when I want", could allow some to buy it Second time on Switch.

To conclude, this Switch version of pleasantly surprised us. Rather skeptical at his announcement, we were afraid to have there a title amputated of its features and visually disappointing. But this is clearly not the case. Electronic Arts offers us a full title, pretty and, moreover, optimized for the ergonomics of the Switch. Remember that FIFA 18 will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and Switch on September 29th. Players who pre-order will be able to play on September 26th. Find all editions and pre-orders at this address .

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