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A Bengal Cat Is A Beautiful And Unique Animal » Submit Content Online | Free Article Directory | Add Articles Tweet
Bengal cats make ideal pets or show cats. Their highly distinctive colorings and markings ensure that they are never mistaken for any other type of breed. A Bengal cat comes from a relatively new breed Jordan Henderson Jersey , and each day more discoveries are made about these animals.

It is the Asian leopard feline to which modern Bengal kittens can trace their ancestry. Asian leopards are small, wild cats that weigh a maximum of 15 pounds. However, in the twentieth century, they were bred with domestic cats and the Bengal house cat was the result.

In 1985 Jon Flanagan Jersey , the first Bengal was exhibited at a cat show. After this, in the United States and other parts of the world, such felines have become highly popular. Even though numerous individuals want to obtain such a cat merely as a pet, others make a career out of showing such cats and winning blue ribbons at exhibitions.

One can choose from several types of Bengals. The color of their coats and the animals’ markings are the two primary differences between types. Classic Bengals usually have green or gold irises. However Joel Matip Jersey , the latter are not generally one solid color, but rather the main color is highlighted against a light shade of brown or gray. In certain instances, the cat’s irises are specked with black or brown.

Lynx Seal points, also called Snow Bengals Joe Gomez Jersey , typically boast a cream-colored coat, with gray or nutmeg markings. They virtually always have eyes that are blue in color. Other cats in this classification include Seal Sepia’s and Seal Minks, both of which are similar in appearance to the Lynx Seal. However, they usually have gold James Milner Jersey , green, or copper eyes.

Another type of cat in this category is the Brown Marble. The coats of these animals typically feature swirl markings, in either the classic Bengal pattern or the Snow color combination referred to above. Brown Marble kittens are often born with gold eyes that do not change as they age.

The kitten one chooses will not be a first generation feline. This is because too much wildness is retained in the cat’s nature. The latter refers to the direct offspring of one parent that is wild and another that is domesticated. Throughout each generation, the litters’ temperaments relax a bit more than the last. Reputable breeders do not sell kittens unless they are four generations removed from a first generation. At this point Georginio Wijnaldum Jersey , the animal will be as gentle as if it contained no wild blood.

Cats of this kind are mild and intelligent and make excellent companions for both children and adults. When the kitten reaches about 3 weeks old, its fur will develop a fuzzy texture. This is an inherited trait that is completely normal and comes from the animal’s wild bloodline. The coat will eventually smoothed out and distinctive markings will surface. It takes approximately twelve months for the adult markings to fully develop.

Choosing a breeder with care is essential for those who plan to buy a Bengal cat. This is because similar to all types of businesses, a breeder may be reputable or shady. No matter what a person’s individual reasons are for wanting to obtain such an animal, these beautiful cats will surely bring joy to any pet lover.

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