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ultrafine mill for grinding medium hardness material
We know that the general ultrafine mill for grinding medium hardness of the material, if used for processing high hardness materials, such as super-hard diamond, silicon carbide, metal powder, etc., will inevitably lead to wear parts larger loss. Then we should use that type of milling machine to process high hardness of the material? Airflow ultrafine mill is a good choice.

It is a high-speed air flow to achieve the dry material ultrafine mill, mainly by the crushing nozzle, graded rotor, screw feeder and other components. The working principle is: the dry oil-free compressed air through the Laval nozzle to accelerate into the supersonic airflow, the air to promote the material to do high-speed movement, the material collision, friction, in order to achieve crushing effect.

The crushed material reaches the grading zone with the airflow, and the fineness of the material is collected by the collector. The powder that does not meet the fineness requirements is returned to the crushing chamber and continues to crush until the required fineness is collected and collected. Airflow ultrafine mill has also become a Laval ultrafine mill and jet ultrafine mill.

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