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When it comes to partying with friends under the open sky or in the woods , barbeque is the perfect choice, as far as dinner is concerned. Nothing adds more the charm of the party than grilling pieces of beef or pork on the charcoal fire and enjoying their bites after dipping in delicious sauces. Truly, the fun of munching on a bbq dish remains incomplete without a tongue tickling sauce. if you are a fond of bbq dishes you surely know how much the sauces add to the taste of the baked pieces of meats. You can buy sauces packed in pouches and bottles from the shops but to make your party dinner most exciting you can try some magnificent barbeque sauce recipes that are specially made to go with bbq dishes. Want to give it a try? Then log on to cattleboyz.
Cattleboyz is the website of Cattle Boys Food Ltd, accompany which is completely dedicated to manufacturing and supplying of food items made from cattle products. Cattleboyz is the perfect cook guide, if you are looking for sauce recipes and exciting bbq recipes like beef recipes and pork recipes. The site is loaded with hundreds of recipes for all types of food items that come from the poultry. You can select from a long list of beef recipes, chicken recipes as well as recipes for prawn and fishes. Similarly there are exciting sauce recipes such as Beer Sauce , Rich Red Wine Steak Sauce, Green Peppercorn Steak Sauce and Creamy Mushroom Steak Sauce. As their names indicate, each of these sauces perfectly complements the grilled steak dishes apart from the bbq dishes. You can brush the pieces of meats with these sauces or may use them as dips.
The best thing about cattleboyz is that you need to be its registered user to access the sauce recipes and beef recipes. Anyone can download the recipes from the site absolutely for free. Available as PDF files, these recipes are written in simple language that are easy to follow. Your job is simple. Just download a recipe, arrange the ingredients mentioned in it and follow the set of simple instructions step by step to prepare a tongue tickling sauce for your favorite bbq dish or a mouthwatering beef or chicken bbq dish to enjoy with friends.
Apart from sauce recipes and beef recipes, cattleboyz provides a huge cattle and bbq merchandise to choose from. You can order for poultry fresh campfire pulled pork , campfire ribs, readymade sauces, seasonings and condiments that are specially made to further enrich
tastes of bbq dishes. Just log on to the site and get yourself registered for buying its products. Set up a merchant account to order for bbq recipes sauce and ingredients for preparing them at reasonable prices anytime.
A digging dog digs for numerous reasons with the principal one being because it is a natural inherited trait. Wolves, who were our dog?s ancestors, would, in the wild , bury excess food that was not immediately eaten, and they could then dig it up later, when needed.

If your dog is a digging dog, chances are you have not had the dog at a dog obedience training club where you could discuss this problem with your instructor.

A dog that is constantly burying his bone is not being naughty. He is only following his instincts. This type of digging dog needs to be taught that he can bury his bone, but only in a designated spot that you have set aside for him.

Bitches that are pregnant will dig a lair to have their pups in. This is another inherited trait. In this case, if you are a home breeder then you need to build a whelping box and place this in the place where you want the pups to be born and where they will spend the first 3 weeks of their life.

Show the bitch the box which you have set up with her favourite blanket and water and feed her in the box. Let her sleep in the box.

If you find her digging a hole outside , clip a lead on and take her inside to her whelping box and treat her for getting into it.

Another inherited trait is for dogs to dig to get under or around obstacles blocking their path or stopping them getting at food or at a bitch in season.

A strong strand of wire, stretched as low to the ground as you can get it, and as tight as you can safely achieve, will often stop a dog from trying to escape under a fence.

Some dogs may still dig under this and you may need to bury the fence some 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30 mm) underground.

When it is a hot day, dogs will dig a shallow hollow to reach cooler subsoils. If you do not have adequate shade in your garden, then it is likely you will have this problem. Easily solved with providing the dog with enough shade.

A dog house that is just big enough for the dog is in no way adequate.

If you have a new garden and have planted 6 inch high plants , then you need to provide a shade shelter around about 5 to 6 times the dogs length squared: ie : a 1 meter long dog should have a shelter approximately 5 x 5 meters square.

Then there are the manic and problem diggers who seem to delight in digging up your prize roses, or eat your most expensive bromeliads, or dig holes all over your prize croquet like lawn.

Generally these dogs are digging simply because they are bored and are looking for things to occupy themselves with. If you are able to provide the dog with a long walk, or better still, a good long swim, or a session chasing and retrieving a ball , he will sleep for a few hours and when he wakes up, he will need to find some great toys to play with.

If you fertilise your garden with an organic blood and bone fertilizer, you may find your dog is digging to reach this tasty treat. It also makes a great dog perfume, well in Fifi?s nose anyway.

Bury the fertilizer deep and water it in immediately so the dog does not get a chance to smell it.

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