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application of gold ore crusher
gold ore crusher is mainly composed of a screen box, a screen, a vibrator, a damping device, chassis parts. The damping device is a supporting rigid body, can the vibration can change and disappear for thermal, stability, and can effectively improve the gold ore crusher machine during operation to reduce noise, its application significance in vibration equipment is very great. Among the many types of damping device, the elastic element is the most commonly used rubber damping spring, is widely used in a variety of vibration equipment.

It is an elastic body composed of a metal spiral and rubber composite as a whole, therefore also brings together the advantages of the metal and rubber of their own, but also overcomes the disadvantages, compared with other types of damping device with shape, stable mechanical property, can bear load and deformation, the advantages of small thermal authigenic, springback good, good vibration isolation effect, long service life, its application in elastic gold ore crusher can play a good damping effect.The market demand for excellent performance characteristics of the elastic gold ore crusher is great, there are manufacturers or suppliers almost everywhere.

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