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ore milling equipment manufacturers
ore milling equipment is a large thermal power plant to improve the efficiency of coal an important means, so the role of ore milling equipment for the general power plant is very important. ore milling equipment parts high and low speed, put the ore milling equipment into three different types, of which the power plant in the most commonly used pulverizer, so the medium-speed ore milling equipment spare parts is also the daily production of standing parts.

Power plant in the speed of ore milling equipment is mainly the machine in the coal bucket in the coal first sent to the ore milling equipment into the pulverized coal, and then through the conveyor belt will be driven by hot air into the exhaust fan fan, and then enter Boiler furnace combustion, which is the general principle of the power plant mill. Power plant medium speed pulverizer is an important guarantee for the full combustion of pulverized coal in power generation, so spare parts for medium speed mill are particularly critical.

General power plant in the speed of ore milling equipment speed is generally 40 ~ 300r / min or so, and compact structure covers an area of ​​small, more efficient operation of energy saving and environmental protection, is currently used in the thermal power plant one of the most widely used. The medium-speed pulverizer is an important equipment in the coal-fired unit of the thermal power plant. The safety and stability of the operation are directly related to the whole work of the whole thermal power unit.

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