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high-quality ultrafine mill for sale
Shredders can be divided into a variety of, including ultrafine mill, small high-speed mill, etc., in a large number of crushing equipment, the most fiery was a turbo mill, in just a few years time, Fast to seize the market, greatly promoted the development of the entire crushing equipment industry.

Turbine grinder is different from the airflow mill, the former is the use of the impact between the turbine blades and the impact of the collision between the material to achieve the purpose of crushing, the turbine is installed in the barrel of the rotating spindle, and to adjust Of the gap, but the air flow of ultrafine mill is the use of their own particles between the collision and friction to achieve the purpose of crushing, it is divided into two kinds, one is vertical airflow mill, one is horizontal Air shredder.

Airflow grinder wear is small, on the one hand can make the product from pollution, on the other hand because the temperature during the crushing process is relatively small, so when the material to smash the low melting point, the air mill is the best choice. In general, it is suitable for crushing graphite, sulfur and talc.

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