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Wholesale Jacob Bruun Larsen Jersey
Get The Best Of Jost Houk Artistic Design Photography Get The Best Of Jost Houk Artistic Design Photography July 10 Wholesale Kyle Scott Jersey , 2013 | Author: Freda Watts | Posted in Marketing
If you are looking for a commercial photographer for your magazine or real estate needs, look no further than Jost Houk. Using clothing, paper, canvas, and metal he creates exceptional art pieces that can be purchased through his website. He is based is Washington, D. C. And a fixture in this city for his amazing headshots, real estate photos, and magazine shoots.

Getting his start in the Indiana countryside he began painting and drawing. Farm life, nature, small towns, and cornfields are just a few of the elements that inspire Jost. Seeing under the images he was able to capture the essence around him. You can see these rural photos in his Indiana and Antique Country collection, which shows how he utilized depth, shape, and color.

As an adult, Houk moved to Tampa, Florida Wholesale Kenedy Jersey , where he began to draw his inspiration from the sea. He continued his fascination with seascapes along the Eastern seaboard. Watery scenes from Tarpon Springs, as well as those from Tampa and Miami dominate his Nautical Beach and It is Greek To Me collections. This is when Jost moved from painting to photography to merging the two expressions together through artistic design photography.

This artist does not see an object or scene the way most people see it. Rather, he sees the pure potentiality within it. He imagines what the shapes, the colors, the lines may become. He releases the spirit of his subject, expressing it in a new and different way. This is evident throughout his work, where artist and art become one, but is particularly evident in his Artistic Color collection.

Using art editing equipment he utilizes his brushstroke finish and bright colors to create what appears to be an oil painting. This technique commingles photography and painting, each creation getting the best of both worlds and printed on a canvas. You can also purchase a framed and matted photo that is signed by this amazing artist.

Politics and History are inspirations to Jost and are avidly expressed throughout his work. Historic Photos, Washington D. C., and Black White With Color are just a few of the collections that showcase his love and appreciation of these themes. While a lot of his work in this area is down using black and white, he is no stranger to color as can be seen in his Theaters collection.

Houk is not only a talented Artist but also provides many services such as renting out his artwork for home staging in the real estate market. He also does family portraits, commercial photography, and customized work. This talented Artist does not just share his wonderful art, but also his mother Carolyn Shireman has art for sale through his website.

Josh Houk offers many things through his website such as pillows, cards Wholesale Jeremie Boga Jersey , photo T-shirts, and etchings but he does not stop there check out his website because there is so much more offered. You can see his work in various places such as fine art stores and displayed in shows around the world. If your searching for the perfect piece of art to hang in your home, search his many collections and something is bound to capture your eye.

You can visit the website www.josthouk for more helpful information about Looking For Artistic Design Photography? Jost Houk Is Your Man

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