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cute girls accentuates the gentle temperament
Brown mushroom head Liu Qi wigstyle looks stylish and elegant, a beautiful and stylish wigstyle is not just girls patent, boys also want their wig very tide great range of children. But suffer from wig itself is not amazing, so you have wig on their existing satisfied? So you have tried wig fashion? Achieve amazing shape, exquisite wig is a good choice. Fashionable women who is also one of the most common ways. Among the wig, the non-mainstream wig Lolita extreme wind favored, became one of 90 girls in particular non-mainstream girl's favorite wig. Every girl wants a diverse and amazing wig styling, but almost to either short wig or long wig in the world, how can we achieve it? This requires the help of external good wigstyle. Next: Crazy star wig on a chase: you recruit on campus agent?Inventory of 2013 new wig, wig Hot rankings released this year prefer to rely on amazing wig crush, you are still using last year or the year before you buy a wig? Those were quickly out of your wigs has been OUT of it. Here I will introduce some of the 2013 new wig, follow the trend to go, make yourself more fashionable now! NO.1 oblique bangs short wig BOBO: This is a BOBO wig type is 2013 Hot charts oh. Lightness seem clever, cute girls accentuates the gentle temperament. And feeling slightly messy look more real and natural Oh! NO.2 pear head wig Liu Qi: This is 2013 new wig Oh, Qi Liu pear head so that you exude elegant and charming temperament anytime, anywhere, and wig looks particularly true, is essential in early spring crush wig Oh! NO.3 long curly wig Liu Qi: This is a wig Hot living 2013 ranking of the three, the envy of others who have a long and beautiful wig crush the heart of it. The long wig Qi Liu, regardless of its volume degree or smooth shiny feeling people slam the heart. NO.4 fluffy wig short volume: bulkiness of this wig is very natural right, people do not see is completely wig. Seems the people are lovely yet elegant temperament.MM fat face can also have a very nice dish made oh.Miss Tang Fengcai wig Tracy: the hot season, do not fit the disheveled too casually daily temperatures are above 30 degrees, the temperature is very high indeed to the force.

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