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the required time at the specified elevated and temperature.
Stand golf bags have retractable legs Cheap Wholesale Jerseys , normally in the form of a tripod, which actuate when the golf bag is set down, and allow the bad to stand up at an angle. This allows the bag and clubs to be more easily accessible than if they were lying on the round. It also keeps the bag and your clubs clean and dry in wet or muddy conditions.

Golf Bags With Stands Save Time

If you carry the bag around the course with you, rather than use a buggy or golf cart, then you should consider one of the many designs of stand golf bags which are available. Without the stand, you would have to drop your bag onto the ground and rummage around in the bag to find your selection of club, You would also have to hunt around for the pocket containing your tees and spare golf balls.

With these types of golf bags, on the other hand, the bag is standing up at an angle on spring loaded legs. The clubs are normally held in separate tubes for easy choice and access, and you can easily find your tees and the rest. Not only that, but you avoid the necessity on every shot to drop your bag, bend down to select your club, bend down to replace your club, then pick up your bag. Depending on how good (or bad) you are, you could be doing this up to a hundred times a round! Just think of what that will be doing to your back!

They are Good for Your Back

In fact, if you have a temporary condition with your back Cheap Jerseys From China , and do not want to go to the expense of a golf cart and cart bag, then a golf bag with a stand could be ideal for you. Everything you get in carry bags you also get in a stand golf bags, including covers, carry options such as carry cases and carry covers to protect your bag and golf clubs in your truck or from normal handling stresses in airports.

Golf bags using a stand are also customizable with the range of colors, designs, logos, etc, that are available for any other kind of golf bags. They can carry anything from a half set to a full set of 14 clubs, and have a separate putter tube for easy access, a full set of pockets and clips for an umbrella.

If you are looking for a carry bag that will save you a bit of bending and searching, and keep your golfing equipment clean, you could do worse than making your choice from the range of stand golf bags available on the market today.
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Exhaust fans can be grouped into two general categories: emergency smoke evacuation and process ventilation. Generally speaking, emergency smoke evacuation fans may never be used, but they must be installed and be capable of exhausting high temperature air and smoke in the event of a fire. In contrast, high temperature process ventilation requires continuous duty exhaust of high temperature air Cheap Jerseys China , fumes or particulate. Both application types are uniquely different requiring special construction and system design considerations. In this article, we will examine both types of exhaust applications, looking first at the emergency smoke exhaust category. Since emergency smoke exhaust deals with lifesafety issues, there are governing bodies in place that identify and regulate specific design and performance standards. The administration and organization of the various governing bodies is subject to modification based on the needs of the industry. Currently, four such agencies are Industrial Risk Insurers (IRI), Southern Building Code Congress International, Inc (SBCCI), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL). IRI insures properties all over the world based on an informational manual, which details the construction requirements that belt drive emergency heat and smoke exhausters must meet in order to be covered by IRI.

SBCCI is a not-for-profit organization of government officials from the United States and several foreign governments, which serves a strong leadership role in the delivery of model building codes. The purpose of the NFPA can be summarized into three main categories. First, NFPA promotes the science and improves the methods of fire protection and prevention, electrical safety, and other related safety goals. Secondly, it obtains and circulates information on these subjects. And thirdly Cheap Jerseys , it secures the cooperation of its members and the public in establishing proper safeguards against loss of life and property. The fourth organization is Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.. UL is a non-profit, independent organization that maintains and operates laboratories for examination and testing of devices, systems and materials to determine their relation to life, casualty hazards and crime prevention. UL has three safety standards that apply to emergency smoke exhaust products. UL705 is concerned with the mechanical and electrical construction to insure safe operation. All electrical components (motor, wiring, switches, enclosures, etc.) must be ULlisted. UL793 is concerned with the lifting mechanism for the butterfly dampers and the fusible link. In order for a product to be listed in the UL Directory under òPower Ventilators for Smoke Control Systems,ó it must meet the requirements of both UL705 and UL793. Additionally, UL must witness a full-scale test of a fan operating for the required time at the specified elevated and temperature.

So what makes one fan more capable of sustaining higher temperatures than another fan? Each model has a recommended maximum operating temperature based on the construction materials, drive components, and airflow characteristics. The limiting temperature is determined to be the highest temperature that any component of the fan assembly will reach during any operating cycle. Similarly, the maximum operating temperature is typically determined to be the lowest t. Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap NBA Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Wholesale NFL Jerseys China

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