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What can we do to prevent the ink cartridges dry?
Why the hp ink cartridges dry? What can I do to prevent this situation? It is found that although they have a large number of ink cartridges, the nozzles are dry and there are many reasons that can not be printed correctly.

The most common reason for this is rare usage. Who use their printers only a few people will find that the cartridges quickly dry up and can easily become due to clogging. This can reduce the need for more frequent or regular cleaning and ink testing operations to ensure that the nozzles remain clean.

The second common becomes dry and clogs the nozzle head is the reason the cartridge expires. Many people do not know that the printer cartridges have expiration dates and use them after this date may cause printing problems. In order to minimize this risk always check the expiration date, just buy what you need to make sure your cartridges do not expire.

Some people choose to use filling brother tn450 toner cartridge. If it done incorrectly, it can cause air to enter the cartridge, and the drying ink clogs the nozzle tip. Be careful when using ink cartridges or make sure it is professional to do it. Be sure to ensure that your printer remains stable at a temperature in a room that can affect the performance of the cartridge.

What can I do to solve the dry cartridges? There are several ways to try out if you find that your printer cartridges are jammed.

Run the printhead cleaning function on your printer. This option may be available through your computer or printer itself as a feature. Your user manual will give you guidance if you do not know how to do this. If you have to constantly repeat, then follow the steps below. If your cartridge continues to be blocked, you will need to remove the cartridge from the printer. The ink cartridges are placed in a bowl of warm water (it is recommended to do so in a bowl, not a bathtub or sink to reduce the risk of dyeing) so that the printer head is immersed. For serious clogging, you may want to soak in the warm water of the cotton balls to wipe the entire area of the ink cartridges and ink out. When it is removed, the ink begins to flow into the water. Clean the nozzle with a paper towel or a lint-free cloth and replace it with a printer. Repeat step 1. If you really need to repeat more than twice, we recommend that you buy a new cartridge because it is probably impossible to fix it.

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