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How's the working of color laser printer?
The basic structure of a color laser printer is the same as that of a black and white laser printer, and it is identical in terms of the data controller, the interface, the control mode and the control language, and is basically the same in terms of data transmission, data interpretation and print control flow. In the print controller, because the print content contains color information, the same print a page of content, the computer in the color laser printer to print the data generated much larger than the black and white laser printer, which made the performance of the print controller Higher requirements, so the general color laser printer's print controller internal processor speed than black and white laser printer, and configure the memory than black and white laser printer.

The popular printing language of color laser printer is PCL and Post Script, in recent years, with the color laser printer in the general business office applications, these users for graphics and color accuracy requirements relative to some professional users as strict, so GDI way Also began in some low-end color laser printer has been applied. With the improvement of PC performance, GDI way for the impact of the printer performance is getting smaller and smaller, but it can significantly reduce the cost of color laser printers, but also the price of color laser printers began to decline for the popularity of color laser printers laid the foundation.

The biggest difference in color laser printer and black and white laser printer is the engine structure, color laser printer using C (Cyan, blue) M (Magenta, magenta) Y (Yellow, yellow) K (Black, black) 4 color carbon Powder to achieve full-color printing, so for a page of color content to go through CMYK reconciliation to achieve a page of content to print through CMYK 4-color dell toner 1 printing process. In theory, the color laser printer to have four sets of black and white laser printer exactly the same institutions to achieve color printing process. In order to streamline the organization and save costs, the current color laser printer in the structure of the use of a large number of 4-color tn450 separation, the other, such as paper feeding mechanism, photosensitive drum, fixing unit 4 color sharing a set of systems. So in the printing process, the paper to go in the engine to go through four identical processes, but in the four processes were to achieve a color toner transfer, which is currently the majority of color laser printer color printing speed in general Is an important reason for a quarter of the black and white print speed. Color laser printer used in two forms of photosensitive units, one is used in black and white laser printer drum way, the other is the photosensitive belt way.

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