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Healthy benefits of drinking water`
There are still many benefits of warm water, one of which is you can prevent the growth of acne on your face. It is true that hormone is the biggest factor in the growth of the acne. But it never hurts for you to continue to consume warm water in order to eliminate the root cause of the growth of acne-acne sucks.

Keep and keep hair healthy and strong

You are very soft and shiny hair? Doing maintenance at expensive salons may be the solution, but there is something simpler than that that you can do every day. Yup, warm water can energize the nerve endings in the roots of your hair and can make it active. It is beneficial to restore the natural vitality of your hair and also keep it healthy.
8. Can increase hair growth

Activating the root of hair is the best way to grow your hair. In this case, warm water helps to keep the roots of your hair growing. So in the future, your hair will grow faster.
9. Prevent dandruff in your beautiful hair

do not let dandruff restrict your movement via

Dandruff is one hair problem that can not be underestimated. Your kece looks can be distracted if there is a dandruff that is falling on your clothes. In such cases, hot water can keep your scalp hydrated and help fight dry dandruff.
10. Improve blood circulation and help maintain the nervous system (Nervous System) in our body

Another important benefit of drinking warm water is to improve your blood circulation which is important for proper muscle and nerve activity. Not only that, your nervous system will still be healthy by breaking the fat deposits around it.
11. Warm water is very beneficial for digestion. Well, take note of this important point!

Research explains that we drink cold water or after eating can harden the oil that is in the food consumed. This can cause fatty deposits in the inner walls of your intestines, which can lead to bowel cancer. But you can avoid it if you start to replace cold water into warm water. In addition, warm water is already proven to be beneficial for your digestion.
12. Keep the bowel movement inside the body healthy and free from pain

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When you wake up in the morning with an empty stomach, drink a glass of warm water. It can decompose the remaining food and make fine particle movement so it does not cause pain in your intestines. Well, start deh you try to consume warm water every morning in order to maintain your body health.

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