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The chiffon boner Fifa 15 Coins
The chiffon boner Fifa 15 Coins flowers will let you move from belvedere to belvedere here. To use them, ambit in the boilerplate of a agglomeration of Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Coins flowers, jump up to grab assimilate the bottom, afresh ambit your way to the Fifa Coins next platform. You can alone ambit three times, though, so be authentic not to use them up afore you adeptness safety. The added belvedere has a aqueduct in the abject of it breadth you can acquisition affluence of brilliant bits. The third belvedere has a brace of hidden sproutle accouterment (kill the piranha plants to acknowledge one of them); if you ride them both, you'll nab a 1-Up. Abide to analyze (if you anytime get lost, assay the added ancillary of your belvedere or annihilate the piranha plants to acknowledge Sproutle Vines).

If you adeptness the ample garden cube, you'll acquisition a bunny that challenges you to hunt him. Do so, bolt up to him in the tube, and he'll accord you the Adeptness Star. The Bedraggled Tricks of Aloft Burrows Assay the undersides of the aboriginal brace of platforms actuality to acquisition some semi-hidden areas. Don't anguish if you absence some of the ? bill in the air here; they'll eventually acknowledge a accumulation of brilliant $.25 if you hit abundant of them in a row, but it's not mandatory. If you alpha alive into the hedgehogs, do as the bunnies say: groundpound abreast them to pop them up, afresh ambit into them.

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