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the body feathers plucked one by one
Eagle tears, looking up at the sky alone, sighed and said.The eagle sighing sound was heard by just passing angel, the angel come to his side gently to tell it: "To live another thirty years is not difficult, but if you have the courage! "There! I now have realized that life is short, realize the value of life, as long as I make recycled, even if I am willing to jump through hoops! "Eagle raised his head and says decisively."That's all right! You will curved all worn rock peck the first step; other growing new pecking, then use the new beak to bare to the claw has been stripped; Finally, the body feathers plucked one by one, until the new feathers and claws grow, you are FIFA coins in the blue sky, but I tell you first, this process is not fut coins easy! "Eagle was courage to do so as an angel, it really became the pride of the blue sky, it is fun to think: "I got the secret, I have nothing to be afraid of it, time is eternity for me. For me, life is not eternal is it' "Three decades has passed, when the eagle again according to methods in order to return to the blue sky, it failed to do so.The shepherdess threw herself at the Queen's feet, and thanked her humbly for her gracious words."Ah! Madam," she cried, "if I might beg you to stay here a moment I would run and fetch my pot of pinks for you--they could not fall into better hands.""Go, Felicia," said FIFA coins, stroking her cheek softly; "I will wait here until you come back."So Felicia took up her pitcher and ran to her little room, but while she had been away Bruno had gone in and taken the pot of pinks, leaving a great cabbage in its place. When she saw the unlucky cabbage Felicia was much distressed, and did not know what to do; but at last she ran back to the fountain, and, kneeling before the Queen, said:"Madam, Bruno has stolen my pot of pinks, so I have nothing but my silver ring; but I beg you to accept it as a proof of my gratitude.""But if I take your ring, my pretty shepherdess," said the Queen, "you will have nothing left; and what will you do then'""Ah! Madam," she answered simply, "if I have your friendship I shall do very well."So the Queen took the ring and put it on her finger, and mounted her chariot, which was made of coral studded with emeralds, and drawn by six milk-white horses. And Felicia looked after her until the winding of FIFA coins hid her from her sight, and then she went back to the cottage, thinking over all the wonderful things that had happened.Mr. John needed an office boy to help him. So he advertised on their local paper for office boy. Once the advertisement published, more than 50 people went here and applied for the job. But John chose an inconspicuous boy at last. One of his friends was confused by his decision and asked John the reason of hiring the boy. “Lots of people here were much better and superior than him. Why do you choose this boy' He didn't take a letter of introduction, and without any acquaintances. It really makes me feel unexpected.”

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