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the speed of movement and attacks inflict melee damage
Most engaging multi-player first person shooters scene since the first steps taken in the Pandora concept back in 2009, and hands down the legendary masterpiece gearbox software.But enough smell brown, real reason you're here to see the latest in all badassery This is the border-and the sequel before, and full of new skill set up for the class, the Ministry of Defence famous, or commonly known as Athens. You may remember her as an agent of the former elite DLC for border areas: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. What was once a RuneScape play the character, like many other three that will be reconsidered at a later stage, are now killing machine uniquely designed to be used at your disposal! She is complete with exciting and interesting capability called kinetic ASPIS, a power that makes good use of very painful Shield, which puts even Captain America to shame. Once activated, the enemy understand shield damage of any kind, and when the timer is running, or if the player scene early call it, is then placed to shield nearby enemies, dealing massive amounts of damage! Here are some of the remarkable skills of three trees: the Phalanx, Xiphos, and Ceraunic storm. Beyond that time, was the latest revision scene play the character in action! Check it out! (North American Release Date: October 14, 2014) Phalanx renewal that tree-Vanguard RS 07 Gold health for you and for the players during kinectic AspisPrismatic ASPIS suck food ASPIS damage elemental damage when the front activeUnited absorbed power ASPIS kinectic your armor and alliesClear soon! ASPIS gives second wind with friends near crash when thrownPrepare enemies glory satire when ASPIS is activeWrath goddess kinetic reasons ASPIS ricochet up to four gun kata enemiesXiphos Tree- increases the damage of the gun, is increasing weather damage After shooting melee Senshu enemyOmega-increasing damage on the enemy with less than 50 percent of maximum health remainingMercurial Killing an enemy increases the speed of movement and attacks inflict melee damage resistanceRend lies (damage over time) , and the advantages of prizes and more melee damage health effects targetsBloodlust highest renewal of health when making an enemy bleedEpicenter Pat detracting creates black holeYou've got red on you when the enemy bleed when he was dies, it explodesBlood Rush change melee attacks Dash increasing the damage. It has a cooldown reset automatically if the attack caused bleeding or eliminate enemy.Ceraunic the storm rage and the cornerstone of the trees, and dealing damage shock or burns earns you a stack of Maelstrom. As stack anger building, all elemental damage dealt is increased.Conduit dumbfounded when put at least one really.

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