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This means that you can start to fight against all monsters
So I put just the basics. DOFUS game is set in a magical forest as a result of some mysterious and tragic events, but supernatural and what spread to many entirely filled with pus, and monsters. The correct name of the situation and Dessie is Las Nibela, and it seems that the huge background fantastic game Dofus Morbid mobile rugged land. Play as Uri and interesting, a small white creature who is thrown out of the giant tree that seems to be hanging at the beginning of the story. Then I saved so pale creature Totoro big Disney, which takes Uri and raises the poor: all the things that charming eccentric happens in the preamble to play Dofus, and although when you sit to start dofus kamas playing Uri and blind forests, and prepare for some tragedy Bambi level before you really get to play. When all the bad things happen and makes forests withered and dead almost (hence the blind part of the title), Uri is to explore on your own. Well, almost alone. Shortly after he was re-orphan named Uri meet the spirit of the dream that floats around him, helping Uri attacking angry at your command and do other magical things such as opening the road. Toddler, separation from their parents (twice!) And cast in a dark and foreboding place that must learn to deal ... with the help savvy sidekick. It's a story we all know very well, at this stage. Uri and Blind Las do not bother to try to break the mold. But platformer game DOFUS mechanics are sturdy enough to finally end the epic Ori satisfactory manner. You see, Uri beginning of his adventure Like many heroes video game DOFUS do: inexperienced. All that is able to do really is to run and jump between different things. After the meet Sen, learns how to attack as well. This means that you can start to fight against all monsters gross grab forest. Over time, Uri and Sen build and expand their capabilities by working together. But almost all of the improvements that the original feed three basic procedures: running, jumping, and attacking. This makes the ability to open any new user-fold in the list set of different skills. Within a few hours, and then it really feels like Uri came to the country, they continued to fight for all the good things that are worth the savings in forest.As with history, DOFUS play Uri sits firmly in its kind in platformeralbeit two-dimensional beautiful one in the non-Normal. I used to spend most of the game Dofus doing things that come easily to anyone who knows the latest side scrolling platformer: running in the woods, jumping between platforms fragile stone with serious thorns below or hovering over the trees to get to areas that are difficult to reach all while shooting fire at the enemies spiky by a friend of your soul.

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