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the new version of the release will affect the new 'Resident
If it turns out to be properly implemented. There are things you need to keep control of a complex game like this a lot, and it's good to see that CD Projekt Red acknowledge properly polishing his game before their release, rather than rushing to get it from the date you originally selected for importance. A recent trend is particularly noticeable with Final Fantasy XIV games scheduled around holidays.Because many other studies certainly decide to go that way and no qualms about the topic - even those who are running much higher than CD Projekt RED budgets. And almost all of these cases, as Expected result - failure and frustration. Some companies realized early on that when it comes to this situation, and the fans will be disappointed, no matter what decision makes the company - but it's much better to be disappointed, because they wait longer, not because they are waiting for something that did not expectations .Resident satisfy their evil will be trimmed next month: Is the development impact of Resident Evil 7. Until now it was known that the 'Resident Evil' remake will come sometime in early 2015, although the exact release date has been known until now. Now 'company Capcom revealed that the game comes on January 20, and will cost $ 20 for both platforms when published. It will come out at the same time Cheap FFXIV Gil on the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One and 'Xbox 360'. 'From what is known about the origin of a makeover so far it includes high-definition textures and the best models, lighting and improve the overall atmosphere. Released photo gallery, compared with the past, showing what fans can expect from the new release.Fans - and critics - may be wondering how the new version of the release will affect the new 'Resident Evil 7' development. This series is a very big change in its latest installment, Capcom and took a few turn the game that was created more attractive to a wider audience, to make them development. At the same time, some of the original fans have been expressing disappointment, saying that the game loses its purpose and charm.However authentic, if sales reworked 'resident' good evil, and it can do very well 'Capcom to consider how they are approaching development. If people buy a reworked version of the first game in large quantities, which may mean that even today there is a big crowd for a game with the game, which in turn could have a serious impact on the 'Resident Evil 7' development and, of course, and this is only possible assuming that 'Capcom did not address the fundamental direction of the' Resident Evil 7 'development yet. And if the company already has a site plan and started its implementation.

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