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The anger flows from a sentiment repeated to me
Yet state efforts to squelch dissent have been met with resistance. Last month, there was a three-week transport strike that won serious wage increases for workers. The trade union federation, COSATU, has threatened to break with the ANC and strike during the World Cup if double digit electricity increases fifa coins aren't lowered. The National Health and Allied Workers Union have also threatened to strike later this month if they don't receive pay increases 2% over the rate of inflation.In addition, June 16th is the anniversary of the Soweto uprising, which saw 1,000 school children murdered by the apartheid state in 1976. It is a traditional day of celebration and protest. This could be a conflict waiting to happen, and how terrible it would be if the ANC wields the clubs this time around.The anger flows from a sentiment repeated to me time and again when I walked the streets of this remarkable, resilient, country. Racial apartheid is over, but it's been replaced by a class apartheid that governs people's lives. Since the fall of the apartheid regime, white income has risen by 24% while black wealth has actually dropped by 1%. But even that doesn't tell the whole story since there has been the attendant fifa coin development of a new black political elite and middle class. Therefore, for the mass of people, economic conditions -- unemployment, access to goods and services -- has dramatically worsened. This is so utterly obvious that even the Wall Street Journal published a piece titled, As World Cup Opens, South Africa's Poor Complain of Neglect.

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