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celebrates the birthday of Guild Wars
when the next major content patch for Elite Dangerous to Runescape Gold appears, this has, among many other innovations, especially the game mode power play in their luggage. What exactly does that mean and why the developers also have reason to celebrate, they write in the official blog. More scope, more possibilities, more depth of everything a bit more players of sci-fi MMOs Elite are Dangerous get to the next content update, which will probably be released in May. An exact date is still pending, but is expected to soon be clarified. As the development team writes on the official site, the Space pilot of the announced game mode Powerplay may opt for one of several fractions and then help them in expanding your Area or the procurement of valuable raw materials new and more profound ways of trade are also on the priority list of Teams.Um to improve the quality of the game in general and to facilitate the implementation of the new challenge of Powerplay updates it in the patch, the well released in May, give a review of the Mission menu. Fresh drones and new ships there in addition. Plenty of content for the community of Elite Dangerous, which increases further according to the current numbers. Over 500,000 copies of the MMOs have been sold. Source Guild Wars Ten years and a look back How it all began? ArenaNet celebrates the birthday of Guild Wars. Back in the Day is the MMORPG, which set the standard with its buy-2-play model, become now ten years old. The creator can look back on the beginnings of the new millennium. Until Wednesday running in the meantime automated functioning Gameworld vonGuild Warsdie anniversary celebration of the tenth anniversary of the MMORPGs. Although the servers have become comparatively empty and so are attractions such dasRollkäferrennen admired only from a manageable amount of players, but the spirit of living in GW successor. Guild Wars 2, which is known, is the first product of ArenaNet, which is free of any indie character and was mastered by the studio with solid financial resources. In rs 07 gold Guild Wars the birth of MMORPGs was a different place.

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