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and let the Welshman in the FIFA 16 game
although Benitez still trust Bell, and let the Welshman in the FIFA 16 game against Sevilla played the audience, but Bell's play is indeed very poor, barely see highlights. Match, Bell completed a total of 8 shots, the highest in the Real Madrid first Ultimate team, while the previous wave radio king Cristiano Ronaldo is shot five times. Although Bell completed 8 shots, but only four hit the goal within the range not scored the first ball back after. Early this season, Benitez had originally planned to support Bell's first card to the Bernabeu, fifa coins but the Welsh FIFA 16 players he does not live up to expectations at the beginning of the season, he kept getting injured, 11 La Liga played only six FIFA 16 games, now, Bell still unable to contend with the Cristiano Ronaldo, even as the performance of Benzema. Against Sevilla in the FIFA 16 game, Bell eager to express themselves on the pitch shot constantly, but even kicker eight times, but there is no harvest. Real Madrid suffered their first defeat of the season to let Bell's comeback outdated, the only good news is that Bell losing a big list of Wales, he does not participate in the national Ultimate team's two friendlies in November, the King, in this time maintenance Good health will become a priority.

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