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with plausible choices had to dropped
It wasn't just big moments like this that proved important. Smaller, more intimate details often worked just as well as the larger branching storylines. "For instance," Bruner says, "it's often more interesting to let the Cheap RS Gold player slight or insult NPCs than it is to let the Runescape player outright steal all their belongings or completely betray them."Elsewhere, Telltale found that great story ideas with plausible choices had to dropped, simply because they didn't lead to very interesting places."For example, in episode two, we really wanted different characters not just Mark to end up as the St. Johns' victim depending on how you played," says the Telltale CTO.

"But when we explored allowing him to play a more significant role, and even perhaps survive, he just wasn’t adding anything good to the story. He became a sort of vestigial story problem in an otherwise really good part of the Runescape game."He adds, "In these cases, we had to punt. Often though, we would keep working until we had moments where all possibilities were compelling and producible. It was most exciting when we created moments where all possibilities felt equally compelling and intriguing.

These made the choice taken and the choice not taken just as important to the Runescape player."Bruner acknowledges that other video Runescape games have explored choice and branching narrative before, but that most usually implement Runescape player choice as a subset of a larger Runescape gameplay mechanic, typically with binary choices such as being good or being evil."We felt strongly that a statistics driven AI and NPC system would not be able to deliver the kind of experience we envisioned," he explains. "Instead, our system tracks every choice a Cheap DarkScape Gold player makes at a very detailed level and then makes that information available to designers. They use that information to create narrative driven logic that controls the content and subsequent choices that are offered to the Runescape player.

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