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I think that mobile devices and things such as the Nintendo
Of course, a lot of energy, who said the PS4 and Xbox definitely one stone' Xbox 360 and PS3, it has something to do with the console version Prem at that time. Battlefield 4 fight, Dice EA as creative director of Lionhead: men and women 50-50 Dave 5-10 years. It is known that women than men in the gaming industry (cholera and almost everywhere). Has changed, however, and it is expected that when the creative director Gary Carr to Lionshead, the next decade will be even split between men and women Xbox devices team.Speaking official publication, development and Carr said that 'the Constitution does not now say that 55% of women players Ron current Devilian? I think that mobile devices and things such as the Devilian Online Gold Nintendo DS, it certainly may be available, and the girl was released into the market, Cheap Devilian Gold and perhaps even more so than is the case when one or Amiga, or the like, and a computer. I think that, as a developer when it comes to candidates for the job, and now we must remember that terminates at the variety we want, when I went to the creative team. I do not want to sit in a studio full of young people, I want to be part of a diverse team. 'I do not want all the players Devilian boys games. I want a man and a woman Devilian make games for girls. You must show your workforce, and this is what happens. I believe that in 5-10 years from now, and pretty much 50-50. Devilian women players in the industry, with the support of PlayStation 4 Camera Lionhead Studios speech. All the battles that Kinect gets, no one can deny that it is a powerful tool. Traffic chamber mixing technology, voice recognition and broken down and used by hundreds of different purposes throughout the world, including Zlcaldoa. So you can download the PlayStation 4 Camera Sony support speech recognition blame? I reveal the truth, the new video shows Devilian GameStop Corporation corporate members of the public recently. Sony spokesman confirmed the EuroDevilian player himself said that 'We can confirm that PS is not speech recognition is invalid. We will learn more about this topic quickly divide ', the question arises: how the PlayStation 4 To use this feature? We know that 'Xbox used to the lush sound that will identify applications to meet and go play Devilian and applications, and activate different features and much more. PS4 The camera has some common characteristics in terms of access to the media and browse the internet, but the actual game? We will learn faster. STOP PLAYING Devilian Exhibition Company 'PlayStation 4, PS camera, Sony, Bleszinski rock will determine the new IP Voice more conceptual art. Devilian Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski former B begins, God sent the technical concept of the new IP, and this time it seems that the child in an adult male background walk along the river. It seems that on the back and shoulders, stressing that the whole image of the United States to participate in more than one way. Rocky on leave from the gaming industry since leaving Epic Games Devilian, but perhaps students work Silver Streak new IP address.

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