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FIFA 14 World Cup - pipe break Angel injured
Argentina half 1-0 Belgium Beijing time on July 6th at 0 in the morning, the 2014 Brazil FIFA 14 World Cup third 1/4 finals war. In Brasilia's National Stadium, Argentina and Belgium meet on on a narrow path. The first half of Argentina 1 to 0 lead, Gonzalo Higuain home, Di Maria because of the wound left. In the history of the FIFA 14 World Cup, teams had met two times. In the 1982 FIFA 14 World Cup group match, Argentina had 0 than 1 defeat to belgium. In the 1986 FIFA 14 World Cup semi-final, Argentina had 2 to 0 victory over belgium. Argentina rotation in 3, Demichelis, Basanta and biglia starter, accumulated two yellow cards suspension. Belgium rotation in 1, to replace Mirallas Mertens first, Vanden Borre and Vermaelen sidelined. Third minutes biglia pass, Di Maria cut to the right before the forbidden area right foot shot, the ball was blocked by a defender. After 2 minutes, Mascherano pass, the Di Maria forbidden area arc top of his left foot shot, the ball is blocked by a defender. Argentina to break the deadlock on the right side of seventh minutes Di Maria pass by guard touch to the change, Gonzalo Higuain road closed area right foot ball shot, the ball flew into the bottom left-hand corner. 1 than 0, Argentina take the lead, Gonzalo Higuain scored since last August's first goal for his country! 12 minutes, Mascherano pass, the Ravitch forbidden area right foot shot hit the back left corner. Subsequently, Zal pass, de Blau Hei left the forbidden area left foot drive away. 17 minutes, de Blau Hei left corner biography, kompany road closed area header shoots slightly higher than the beam. 25 minutes, Witt Sal pass, the de Blau Hei forbidden area right foot shot by Romero kick from the top. 2 minutes later Messi road long straight biography, the Di Maria forbidden area left footed shot was blocked by Vincent kompany road. Di Maria was shot in the right thigh muscle injury, Argentina with Enzo - Peres will substitute the. 38 minutes Fellaini tripped Messi, the Messi forbidden area arc is left to a slightly higher than the beam. 41 minutes will Henry left 45 degrees, fifa 15 coins Mirallas penalty points left header, the ball touching the fly line. Argentina (4-2-3-1):1- Romero, 15- Demichelis, 2- /4- Zabaleta Garay, 23- Basanta /6-, 14- Mascherano /22- Ravitch biglia, 10- Messi, 7- Di Maria (32 'Enzo 8- Peres) /9- Gonzalo Higuain of Belgium (4-2-3-1):1- curto tile /2- Alder Velez M, 15- Buyten, 4- Kompani, 5- /8- spends Laney will Henry 6- /11-, Mirallas, 7- de Blau Hei, wurtzell Hadji 10- Zal /17- aoliji more News about fifa 14 ultimate team coins

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