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Pokemon GO - tips and tricks
How are the rarest Pokémon? What are the most effective fighting techniques? As you accumulate experience points? We explain in ten points (plus a bonus) how to become champions GO Pokémon , the game for iPhone and Android that has broken all records and is doing to walk kilometers and kilometers - real, not virtual - to millions of players around the world.

When you go hunting for Pokémon do not underestimate the important radar with footprints and silhouettes of the closest creatures. Footprint is equivalent to approximately 100 meters. To find the Pokémon you start moving: if you are going in the right direction the silhouette of the creature will surpass the other in the list and the number of tracks will decrease. The radar does not always work. If you think that you are stuck or showing you the same Pokémon too long try to restart the application.

When you find yourself face to face with a Pokémon beware of colored circles. A green small circle indicates that the creature is easier to catch. Yellow circles and red instead indicate progressively more difficult to ensnare Pokémon. Useful tips for capture operations: do not be stingy with Baccalampon (Razz Berries), special berries that make even the most meek agitated Pokémon; targeted to the colored circle and try to hit the monster when the circle is smaller; you rotate the index on the Poké Ball before throwing to pull around with: If the captured Pokémon with a ball in effect receive a bonus experience points. Finally turning off augmented reality as well as saving battery, it will be easier to target the Pokémon, because the background will remain fixed.

The power of a Pokémon in battle is evaluated on the basis of its PL, points fight (Combat Power, CP, in the English version). The PL of a creature can be increased with the expansion and evolution. Level up with your avatar, also, they will also increase the PL average of Pokémon that appear to the player. When you start playing you do not need to waste powder Stella and candy to enhance the first captured Pokémon. Just wait a little 'to find more powerful to evolve and subsequently strengthened. Gaming solutions related to evolution and enhancement, in any case, are not monolithic: you have to experiment with different approaches, because different Pokémon may require different growth strategies.

The experience points (XP) are used to raise the level of your avatar. You are obtained first of all by capturing Pokémon (500 points for a new Pokémon go free pokecoins generator, 100 points for an already taken previously) and making them evolve (PE 500), but also by incubating the eggs (PE 200 after hatching), visiting the Pokéstop (100 PE), fighting successfully at an opposing gym, scoring an excellent shooting (100 PE), a great shot (50 PE) or a good shot (10 PE). To get the bonus on the launch of the Poké Ball must hit the colored circle around the Pokémon when it is smaller. Among the gifts that you will get the increased level or at some special Pokéstop there may also be the lucky egg: if you turn allow to double all the PE obtained for a half hour.

As soon as you receive an egg (usually found at a Pokéstop or you can buy at the Poké Mart) throw him in the incubator. If you have more incubators use them all. The eggs will hatch when you have walked, run or bike pedaled by the distance indicated. This will obtain a new creature, experience points, and in some cases useful candy for the species of Pokémon born from that egg. Warning: The app must remain open because the steps are recorded. For now there is no compatibility with the iPhone connected pedometer app Health, unfortunately. To understand what can be hidden inside the eggs in your possession refer to this table . Eggs from 10Km are obviously the most interesting, because they usually contain the rarest Pokémon.

When you access a fight in a gym you choose carefully Pokémon to be deployed. The game suggests you a list automatically based on the PL of your creatures, but it may not be enough. Always check against what other Pokémon you'll find yourself fighting with creatures and choose the most effective elemental characteristics. To fight a fire Pokémon, for example, it is good to choose a water Pokemon, against a grass creature serves the fire, while the grass in turn delivers the water, and so on.

It is important then dodge the most powerful moves, what are buttressed when the Pokémon go free pokecoins generatorpower bar is at maximum. We have to wait the short light flashes on the screen that presage the attack and then slide your finger left or right. To train is good to fight in low-level Pokémon gyms or against a gym controlled by their team. In the latter case you will get few points but the creatures are not affected by the damage suffered during the friendly match.

To stop as little as possible to a Pokéstop you can turn, rotate, then close with X at the bottom of the screen when appearing objects, without tap on every single bubble. This will speed up the process and you still get all the gifts dispensed from the point of interest.

To find more and different Pokémon, which enrich the collection and provide more experience points at the time of capture, it is good to vary a great scenario. Moving in other areas (if possible in other cities) you can hope to find new creatures. The rarity of the Pokémon, as far as we know so far, is a local feature. That is: monsters that are found everywhere in Turin could be less frequent in Milan and vice versa. It is worth repeating that the system places the Pokémon on the map according to their characteristics: close to rivers and lakes are water creatures, near a park is easier to find grass Pokémon, and so on.

The bait modules (Lure Module) are special items that you can activate on a Pokéstop. As the name suggests, attract Pokémon to the point of interest, making them easier to find. The module not only works for the player who activated but for all those who are nearby. To find Pokéstop with an active form check your map: they are indicated by rose petals raining down from the blue detector.

The worldwide success of GO Pokémon has had serious consequences on the Niantic server stability and Nintendo. It often happens that the game is down or that some elements (such as the tracker) from locking. And the app bugs abound: raise your hand if you have never encountered a blockade of the game in the capture phase of the Pokémon. To overcome these and other software problems often just a restart of the application, which should be removed from the app active in the background and re-opened, both iPhone and Android. In case of problems with the login you can do little, while this simple operation of power cycling is sufficient to solve various minor bugs. Pending that developers put the necessary pieces the advice is to restart every so often even if the app does not give clear signs of problems, but have you noticed for example that appear few creatures and Pokémon Nearby are the same for too long.

Among the app additional independent that enrich the gaming experience Pokémon GO free pokecoins generator we mention Poké Radar, which indicates on the map the places where the rarest Pokémon were found. It is based on reports from users and is therefore imperfect, but it can serve to try to head in the right places to find the missing Pokémon. Try it costs nothing, is free to download from ' App Store for iPhone , while on the Play Store will arrive shortly.

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