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I think the skill cape rework has clearly shown the flaw in the PTTP system. In the first poll people voted that they wanted something fixed about the skill capes (mostly clipping issues). <a href="http:// " target="_blank"> </a>On the second poll some options were given and which ever one won would be implemented. There were few choices and none of them were &quot;none of the above/I do not want any changes&quot;. This meant that the winning option will have had a small % of the community wanting it and so you get the uproar that has come from the skill cape update.<br />
What needs to be done is after everything has been decided, give a final poll saying &quot;This is exactly what we will implement. Do you want this&quot; with a simple yes/no option. Make sure the representation of it is realistic (not showing the best angle on ultra HD).

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