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With the expansion of the cement industry, ore milling equipment has big development in traction components, delivery value, lifting height and its service life. The traction components of large ore milling equipment mostly adopt belt. It is widely considered that belt has good wear resistance and had favor to increase the lifting speed as high as 3.5 meters per second. The device itself is light and operates smoothly. In domestic marker, there is a kind belt centrifugal <a href="" target="_blank">ore milling equipment</a> that designed to 0.8 meter bucket width, 1.55 meters per second lifting speed, maximum lifting height 30m and transmission capacity of 200 to 220 tons per hour, which can be applied in closed-circuit powder grinding system to lift materials or cement.<br />
The bucket width of belt ore milling equipment is already 1.25m abroad and its lifting height can reach more than 100 meters. Its transmission capacity reaches 1000 tons per hour. Some countries have succeeded in the design of manufacturing folder steel belt ore milling equipments with the bucket width 1.10 meters, 73 meters lifting height and the ability to transport raw materials up to 320 tons per hour.<br />
Now it trends to replace the pneumatic lifting equipment in the pre-decomposition of raw materials. Because the temperature of transporting materials makes limit application of ore milling equipment, it is widely said that the temperature of materials must be less than 90 degrees Celsius, otherwise the heat-proof belt must be used. The heat-proof temperature of the belt can be up to 300 to 400 degrees Celsius.

Since portable crusher plant saves a lot of manpower and its market competition is becoming more and more intense, it will be better for us to get a clear knowledge of the factors affecting the price of portable crusher plant.<br />
When it comes to price, your first thought will be the production cost, and then the market demand as well as technology input and services. The following is a detailed introduction to the several factors affecting <a href="" target="_blank">portable crusher plant</a> price. I hope it will be of help to all of you. <br />
First, the Cost:<br />
The cost should be the lowest price limit. The sales price must be able to make up for price of development and production process, containing material and labor remuneration. <br />
Second, Market Demand<br />
The relation between supply and demand directly affects the portable crusher plant price fluctuation. When the market supply exceeds demand, the price of raw materials will be a bit low and vice verse. <br />
Third, Technology Input and Services<br />
As the grinding equipment in the new century, portable crusher plant has to strengthen the competitiveness through the application of advanced technology. The investment is a pre-requisite. The performance, quality, reliability and after-sales service also directly affect price of portable crusher plant.

Our company is famous for supplying ore dressing production lines composed of various devices like the ore milling equipment. According to the specific requirement, customers can choose from many kinds of ore milling equipments with different surface magnetic intensities such as downstream type, semi-reflux type and reflux-type.<br />
The magnetic system of <a href="" target="_blank">ore milling equipment</a> is a compound of fine ferrite material and rare earth magnets and the average magnetic induction intensity of the surface of the cylinder is 100~600mT.<br />
The ore milling equipment is suitable for the wet magnetic separation of the materials whose granularity is below 3mm and can also be used for removing iron from the materials such as coal, non-metal ore and building material.<br />
Our flotation separator gets welcome on the market not only because of many advantages of simple structure, big processing capacity, convenient operation and easy maintenance, but also because of its following special features:<br />
1.The coarse separation of the lean iron ore after coarse crushing or medium crushing eliminates the barren rocks such as surrounding rock, improves the taste of the iron ore and eases the load of the next procedure.<br />
2.<a href="" target="_blank">ore milling equipment</a> can be used in the closed circuit firing work for restoring the hematite, and it can separate the raw ore that are not fully restored and return it for firing again.<br />
3.In the ceramic industry, ore milling equipment can remove the iron mixed in the petuntse and improve the quality of the ceramic product.<br />
4.ore milling equipment can also be used in coal firing, sand making, refractory and other industries that need deironing.

In recent years, China's construction industry develops rapidly and has a great demand for cement. Although the amount of building industry is expanding, the economic benefit is rising, technical progress is accelerating, all aspects are also get positive progress, at the same time, there also exist a series of problems. For example, the whole industry has the backward <a href="" target="_blank">ore milling equipment</a>, large energy consumption, low efficiency, and the different product quality. Therefore, the development trend of the building industry will turn to high quality and efficiency.<br />
The change of mining equipment manufacturer's competition from price war to technology war really provides a strong power for SBM Company. Under the stimulation of fierce competition, the SBM Company continually increases the research investment and timely adjusts the industrial structure. We produce a series of cost-effective <a href="" target="_blank">ore milling equipment</a>, including the stone production line, sand production line, crushing and ore milling equipment. With these advanced ore milling equipment, it will be easier to enhance the quality of building cement.

Environment of ore beneficiation is complex and bad. At work, crushing machines in ore beneficiation line often break down. The reasons causing equipment failures are various, including unreasonable design of <a href="" target="_blank">ultrafine mill</a> equipment, improper management and maintenance in operation process and so on. Crushers in ultrafine mill line are mainly used to crush and process ores with high hardness, which have big workload and long working time. Hence, wearing problem of these crushing machines is very serious, which is also the reason leading to short lifespan of equipment. Crushing is the link which is most seriously worn in ultrafine mill process. While coarse crushers are the machines directly contacting with ores, which are mainly responsible for crushing raw ores into suitable sizes that fits for medium and fine crushers. Therefore, abrasion of coarse crushers is the most serious. Here, the experts of SBM Machinery simply talk about abrasion and maintenance methods of commonly used crushers in <a href="" target="_blank">ultrafine mill</a> line.<br />
1. Abrasion of coarse crushers<br />
Commonly used coarse crushers are mainly jaw crusher and gyratory crusher. The seriously wearing part of jaw rock aw crusher is toothed plate. Because in periodical working process, toothed plate of jaw crusher is loaded or unloaded periodically. Hence, the material strength of toothed plate should be very high. Meanwhile, the toothed plate is often deformed or worn due to long-term immersion of high hardness ores and then being fractured. Under normal conditions, toothed plate is fixed on cast steel by high manganese steel plate. After having used for a period of time, the high manganese steel plate should be turned around for reusing or directly replace new high manganese steel plate. Wearing part of gyratory crusher is lining board. Because in using process of crushers, impact of the lining board is the biggest, so its abrasion is the most seriously. Therefore, materials of the lining board of gyratory crusher should be equipped with high strength and wear resistance.<br />
2. Maintenance methods of coarse crusher<br />
In general, quality is the precondition of highly efficient operation and production of equipment. scientific and reasonable maintenance is fundamental guarantee of long-term operation of equipment. So, purchase and daily maintenance of coarse crushing equipment are fundamental starting points of long-tem running of equipment. Firstly, selection of coarse crushers should accord with ore types and form of mines. It's well known that the same work can select different machines to complete, but the effect is not necessarily the same. Hence, when choosing coarse crushing equipment, we should be cautious and combine with actual situation so as to ensure that the selected equipment satisfy characteristics of minerals to the greatest extent. Even the same minerals, we should also carry out the specificity monitoring so as to select optimal equipment.<br />
Secondly, we should also use the equipment with new technology and materials as far as possible, which can't rely on old high manganese steel materials. We can select equipment with high degree of automation. Thirdly, we should regularly check important parts of equipment so that we can find and solve problems in a timely manner. When it's necessary, we can stop production to carry out inspection so as to avoid unnecessary lose. Lastly, wear resistance of materials of equipment should be high, thus we can discover frequent troubles and other wastage beyond normal range when the equipment is in normal maintenance stage.

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